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The “Southern Gentlemen of High Meadow” Welcome You!!

     High Meadow Alpacas takes great pride in the quality of our herdsires. TO ELEVATE YOUR BREEDING PROGRAM, YOU HAVE TO BREED TO THE BEST!! We feel we are well on our way to achieving that success, and it is reflected in the quality and bloodlines of our herdsires. Here is a list of the father's and ancestors of our current herdsires: Pperuvian Timoteo, Snowmass Millenium, Peruvian Dakotia, Danko, Pperuvian Vengador, Peruvian Bueno, Hemingway, MFI Scimitar, Peruvian Silvio, MFI Peruvian Logan, PPPeruvian Augusto, Sinopsis Nocturna, Peruvian Dom Timbo, Accoyo Pperuvian Felix, NWA Predictor, Peruvian Black Mesquite, Shere-Khan, and 4Peruvian Matador. How about those bloodlines? Certainly these are among the most recognizable and famous studs of all time.

     We offer all the guarantees you would expect, including live birth, and repeat breedings free if the female does not become pregnant. In addition to regular breeding arrangements where you leave your female with us, we also offer "drive-by" breedings, at a discounted price. 

High Meadow Alpacas- Where Good Breeding Shows!


Timoteo Samson

Timoteo Samson


MFI Scimitars Saracen



Saracen is an absolutely phenomenal grey herdsire with impeccable bloodlines. His father is MFI Scimitar, Magical Farms' champion rose grey herdsire that is producing stunning cria. Peruvian Silvio is Scimitar’s silver grey father, and his half-brother is Shaquille, the legendary silver grey herdsire with dozens of top show ribbons and an auction sales price of $300,000. If that is not enough, his mother is a beauty out of Peruvian Dom Timbo, another of Magical Farms top grey herdsires! Saracen has "The Look" that top herdsires must have, and his fleece is truly amazing, and as nice as any we have ever seen. Saracen had an extremely productive show career, winning 24 major show ribbons. The best part of that is that he got better with each show and as he matured- saving the best for last. In his last three shows, (2006 AOBA National Conference, 2006 MOPACA Invitational, and 2006 Southern Select), he took, in order, Color Champion & First Place, Color Champion & First Place, and First Place!! He has already thrown several beautiful greys. His breeding fee is $1,500.

Click here to see his awards.

MFI Lethal Weapon's Dakota

MFI Lethal Weapon's Dakota

Dakota is already a beautiful macho, though only 20 months old. Big, bold, proud, excellent conformation. A sweet personality too, just like his dam, Myky, one of our favorites. She is medium silver grey, and erect and proud just like her son, and at nine years of age! On the other side is our famous, Lethal Weapon, co-owned with Magical Farms. Peruvian Accoyo Titan is his sire, who just sold for $250,000 in auction last year.

Dakota LOOKS like a herdsire, and just won a very nice Second Place ribbon at the ultra-competitive 2008 OABA AlpacaFest, with strong comments by the judge about his beauty. We will show him in the Spring and work on his resume, and he should be able to throw both black and grey with his background. He has that nice "Logan" head like his half-brother Lethal Weapon, who will be sold in October 2009 at Magical Farms's Breeders Choice Auction. Check him out and you will see why we have high expectations for him.  His breeding fee is $1,000.

Jeremiah's Peruvian Jay Gatsby


Jeremiah's Peruvian Jay Gatsby

Jeremiah's Peruvian Jay Gatsby is the result of combining two of the top bloodlines in the U.S. alpaca industry! On one side is Majestic Peruvian Jeremiah, who recently won both the light colored AND dark colored award for The Futurity "Herdsire of the Year". And he is the reigning champ for the past three years! His restricted breeding fee is $7500.

Also in Jeremiah's genetic history is MFI Peruvian Jericho (with 120 Championships won by his progeny!!), Peruvian Dakotia, Peruvian Bueno (with restricted $10,000 breedings), Peruvian Don Julio, and 5Peruvian Inca's Ransom. And that is just on Jeremiah's side of the family tree!

Maple Brook Emilie is our top female at High Meadow,who never took less than First Place in any show. Her micron count was 16.2 3.6 22.2 .7, and as a DARK fawn!! Mike Tierney of Maple Brook said, in 2006, "...she is the best Royal Fawn daughter born on our farm to date". PPPeruvian Royal Fawn was the only fawn full-Accoyo stud sent to America by Don Julio Barreda, and is one of the top studs in the industry, with 406 known offspring and 108 known Championships by his progeny. He currently resides at Maple Brook Farm and Double 'O Good farms, where he was purchased for $600,000 and his breeding fee is $5000!

Jeremiah's Peruvian Jay Gatsby’s breeding fee is $1,500.


Tai Pan


Co-Owned with Tower Rock alpacas

Tai-Pan is the result of the merging of two of the most ELITE bloodlines in the history of the alpaca industry. Royal Fawn and Bueno! Enough said. PPPeruvian Royal Fawn is certainly one of the top herdsires ever, with 406 offspring with 108 known Championships and 392 Blue Ribbons, according to his website listing at Double 'O Good Alpacas. He is a full-Accoyo, full-Peruvian fawn , and was the only fawn Accoyo ever exported by Don Julio Barreda, the world's greatest alpaca entrepreneur. His restricted breeding fee is $5,000 and he is the sire of Dom Lucillo, who recently sold for $400,000.

Peruvian Bueno is also one of the top herdsires ever, and was the #1 import from Peru in 1993. He commands a $10,000 breeding fee and his outside breedings are extremely limited.

Maple Brook Emilie is the dam, and she is the highest-end female we have ever owned at High Meadow. Mike Tierney of Maple Brook Alpacas and the co-owner of Royal Fawn said.. " (she is) the best Royal Fawn daughter born on our farm to date." Her micron count at one year of age was 16.2 3.6 22.2 0.7 . And for a DARK FAWN!! Emilie never took less than First Place in her show career.

Tai-Pan is co-owned with Tower Rock Ranch. His breeding fee is $1,500.


Supreme Hustler

Supreme Hustler

Hustler is a magnificent stud with gorgeous crimpy dense fleece that has to be sheared three times a year. His father is the famous Snowmass Millenium, the award winning son of Peruvian Legacy, who sold for $165,000! His grandfather, Legacy, sold for $1.5 million (with $750,000 for half interest) and is the all-time highest priced alpaca. Add in the even more famous Hemingway line in his background, and sprinkle in some Accoyo, and you have Hustler. Hustler is listed in the 2004 Magical Farm's Herdsire Catalog and we feel very fortunate to have been able to acquire him as our high-end white herdsire. He won six national show and fleece ribbons and would have won more but due to his rapid fleece growth the sheerings hurt his show performance. He has a rose grey spot on his hip that cost him in the showring, but indicated the ability to throw color- a great tendency for breeding. Sure enough, his crias are all darker than him, but with that exquisite high-end white fleece. His breeding fee is $750.

Timoteo's Emperor

Timoteo's Emperor

Emperor is a beautiful, part Accoyo grey herdsire out of our two most celebrated original alpacas. Timoteo Samson, one of the best sons of the legendary Pperuvian Timoteo, and Josephine, a dark silver grey out of Rainier Grey, a well known grey herdsire. With 35 ribbons in halter and fleece between the two parents, Emperor had a tough family act to follow. But he did, winning 12 national ribbons in halter and fleece events. Emperor's younger full sister won a blue ribbon at the very competitive 2004 OABA AlpacaFest in her first show! His breeding fee is $750.

Click here to see some of his Awards.


Patagonia’s Amazon

Amazon is a rose-grey stud out of the highly acclaimed Alpacas de la Patagonia. His sire was Danko, who has had a very successful career as a herdsire and show star who even now has limited breedings, and his mother is a rose grey female that consistently throws silver or rose grey offspring. Amazon's fleece and leg coverage is exceptional, and he has won multiple ribbons, including a First Place at the 2004 OABA AlpacaFest, Second Place at the 2003 AOBA Nationals, and Second Place at the 2003 Southern Select, all in fleece. His breeding fee is $750.

Prince of HM

Jetson's Prince of HM

It's rare to find a herdsire with so many distinguished bloodlines represented! On the dam's side you will find MFI Peruvian Logan, long  one of Magical Farm's best known herdsires ; and PPPeruvian Augusto, who sold years ago for a then record $226,000. Even more impressive is the  sire's side, with STF Jetson, the 2007 AOBA Black Champion and winner of 8 Championship banners; PPPeruvian Royal Fawn who recently sold for  $600,000 ; Peruvian Bueno, a legendary herdsire with a $10,000  restricted breeding fee; Black Peruvian Royal Forest ; and Peruvian  Dakotia. WOW!!

Prince looks like a cross between his grandfather, MFI Peruvian Lethal Weapon, a top herdsire we co-owned with Magical  Farms; and his sire, Jetson, a gorgeous, top competitor and former AOBA National black color champ. His head is stunning; his leg coverage exceptional. Just look at his proud stance in his picture! He placed Second in the 2010 Southern Select halter and the judge said "..he has style and purpose, beautifully balanced, excellent substance. Good softness of hand, and a high degree of brightness". His breeding fee is $1,000.

Gathering Storm's Oden of HM

Odin of HM

It is not often that you are able to find a stud with these illustrious herdsires in his family tree: Peruvian Bueno; Peruvian Don Julio;  Peruvian Dakotia; MFI Peruvian Jericho; PPPeruvian Mr. President; and  PPPeruvian Augusto. These are some of the most highly acclaimed  herdsires in the North American alpaca industry. To find ALL these bloodlines in one male is incredible. We have that with Gathering Storm's Odin of HM.

Last year his fleece was dry from our  unusually hot and dry weather in the South, and looked good but not  great, so we chose not to show him. After the rain we had this past Fall, his fleece really developed nicely and he has gotten lots of  compliments on it.

We think he is one of the best boys we have  ever had from our super herdsire, MFI Peruvian Gathering Storm, and he is our first choice of all our offspring from Storm with the potential to replace him. He has already been exposed to his first girls and begun his career as one of the " Southern Gentlemen of High Meadow". His breeding fee is $1,500.

Pulitzer at Highmeadows

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